III National REFAMA Meeting – First Announcement

The Thematic Network: Biology, Management and Conservation of Native Fauna in Anthropized Environments (REFAMA)

is pleased to announce the

III National Meeting on Native Fauna in Anthropized Environments

to be held from 20 to 22 September 2017

The meeting will be a forum that will allow academics and stakeholders from different social, government, and private sectors to exchange information and ideas on the biology, management, and conservation of native fauna in anthropized environments of Mexico, with the aim to discuss the state of the art on this subject at national and international levels, to identify information gaps in Mexico, and to promote the linkage of the sectors above mentioned.

The program will include presentations by national and international experts in the areas of: (1) agricultural and forest environments, (2) urban environments, and (3) disturbed aquatic environments; as well as the presentation of original scientific papers and research groups, social organizations, government and private institutions, and plans and curricula related to the theme of REFAMA.

The venue of the meeting will be the Institute of Biology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City.

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REFAMA es una Red CONACYT que integra a interesados en el conocimiento y conservación de la fauna nativa en ambientes antropizados de México.
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